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Opening PDFs attached to posts


Greg Stahl:
Sometimes you will see PDFs attached to posts/threads on the FORUM and other times there are links to the PDFs.  IF, the PDF is attached to a post/thread and you want to open it before you decide that you want to download it then you will need an extension for your BROWSER.



These extensions to your browser will allow you to open the PDF in TAB and not just download it to your hard drive.


Cheryl Watson:
Greg... formatting issues above.

Greg Stahl:

--- Quote from: Cheryl Watson on February 24, 2021, 07:32:17 PM ---Greg... formatting issues above.

--- End quote ---
formatting what?  As now i only see coding errors? I do not know what i posted was wrong??

Cheryl Watson:
I see coding, and formatted Far Right Justified.... that's all that I meant with the Formatting description


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