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Greg Stahl:
Event is now up on the Website

When there is more information, please email me, so that I can make corrections/updates.  No one let me know about this, so it took me a week to find this on the FORUM.

Randy Eckstein:
For those of you who come for info or are Forum members, I would seriously urge you to join WAGS and then register to attend the convention in Asheville, NC this September. You must be a WAGS member to attend and I promise you'll enjoy the experience.  You get a chance to share and learn, see eye-popping iron displays, maybe buy a piece you've been looking for and meet a super group of people who share your interest in cast iron cookware and collectibles (aluminum too!)

Randy Eckstein:
Head over to Too Many Chefs in the Kitchen to see some of the pictures from the Camp Oven cookout that we do the first night to kick off the convention. 

Several first time attendees this year were part of the team that cooked for all the members there in Asheville, NC.


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