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2016 Convention - We're here, where are you?

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Randy Eckstein:
Jim, the skillet maker was noticed by Dwayne Henson probably 1 1/2 years ago and I had taken a quick look at it then and then forgot about them until around convention time.  Dwayne found his initial post and then I contacted the company in California.  Start up from 3 years ago but it never got off the ground.  They only made 100 of the skillets and they all have a serial number on them. The handle is like something from Conan the Barbarian and then has the skull and crossbones along the outside.  Weighs around 17#.  Cooking Weapons is the name of the company.  Pricey but it was too cool to pass up and it got some rave reviews at the Convention. They've got a website and a FB page, donated a couple t-shirts for door prizes and the tag line is "These ain't your mama's pans."

Scott Sanders:
A couple of more shots of the "Cooking Weapon".  It is a real beast!!!

Scott Sanders:
Friday morning session on Nickel & Chrome plated Griswold by Roy Meadows....

Scott Sanders:
A few more from Roy

Scott Sanders:
Dwayne Henson gave a very interesting presentation on Blacklock - Bits & Pieces....


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