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2016 Convention - We're here, where are you?

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Scott Sanders:
More "Favorites"

1... Darryl & Mary Lou Moyer
2... Jeff Friend getting some precise data
3... And the First Place Winner of "Favorites" is
                Darryl & Mary Lou Moyer

Jenny Schwartz:
Looks like another excellent convention  :)

Greg Stahl:
WOW, WOW, looks like another Fantastic WAGS convention.  Wish I could have made it, but with the twins being Seniors and our move coming to Fiji, I have all four ends of the candle burning right now.

I heard the next convention is in PA? If so, are there any dates? I will be in Fiji in September 2017, so less than 11 months.

Cheryl Watson:
Where in PA?   YIPPEE!!


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