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2016 Convention - We're here, where are you?

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Scott Sanders:
OK....We are here at the 2016 WAGS Convention in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  We had a great feed at the Dutch oven cookout at the Cascade Township Park.  Here are a few pictures to start us off....others please feel free to add more pictures of the convention to show all what a great time we are having.

Scott Sanders:
Hhhmmmmm....Looks like I have to work on either re-sizing the pictures or rotating or the other or both.  And, maybe how to label them.  Too late tonite.

1...Larry Pesek
2...Randy Eckstein
3...Roger Barfield

Roger Barfield:
Randy brought his new skillet.  This this is even more impressive in person.  It is a monster.  Here is a link to their website.

Jim Glatthaar:
Randy, that skillet is absolutely amazing.  I worry that Perry and Cheryl will buy futures in the company and take their profits in iron  :o

Cheryl Watson:
Nah!  Cheryl is wayyyyyy too poor to buy any futures!   :'( :'(


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