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2016 Convention thoughts...


Stuart Lowery:
  It was great to see so many members again, and meet a handful for the 1st time. Our forum is the best, and extra thanks to all of you that take the time to come to the annual convention. The WAGS mission "To preserve and maintain the historical legacy..." was a success. Being able to hear the broad range of CI history, both in the workshops and one on one, makes the event what it is... educational and fun.
  I've got to mention the "favorites" display room, having a chance to see and hold things I've never seen before, to get to ask questions and learn about these things... Thanks to all who set up tables.
  One last thank you to everyone who helped lighten the load on my tables at our swap meet. You got some nice stuff at good prices, I got enough $$$ to help me with the Hotel bill, and I'll have more room out in the garage.
  The Camp Oven cookout was excellent also.

  If you haven't been to the WAGS convention before (or been in the last 2 yrs), I'm hoping to see you in Pennsylvania in 2017. The "official" announcement should be coming soon ;)

Randy Eckstein:
Stuart, glad you had a great time again and thanks for all your help throughout and the stuffed peppers were TASTY!

Just got home, tired but excited at the same time.  I'll echo your thoughts regarding the presentations, displays, swap meet and cookout.  Hopefully as some of our picture taking members get a chance to, we'll get some more pics up from the presentations and Favorites displays.  We've already started a thread with some pics from the cookout.  Scott Sanders started a thread on the Open part of the Forum under the 2016 WAGS Convention- We are here, where are you with some pictures too.

My personal thanks to all who helped out, donated time, talent and product to contribute to another fun convention in Grand Rapids. 

Larry Pesek:
Trying to state my observations of the 14th annual WAGS convention in one word...  OUTSTANDING!

As this was my first time attending, I had no idea what to expect...  I was greeted by many smiling faces and was made to feel right at home.  The information presented and the amount of rare pieces available for view was more than this newbie's nervous system could handle! 

  I always knew this was a fantastic group of people and am so happy to be able to put faces to the names I've become so familiar with these past few years.

  I understand some of the logistics of preparing for such an event, and we all need to give Randy and the team a big round of applause for the hard work they did to pull off a fantastic weekend!  [smiley=appl.gif] [smiley=appl.gif] [smiley=appl.gif] [smiley=appl.gif]


Dwayne Henson:
Well our 2600 mile round trip is now complete. Well worth the drive for the convention. Thanks to all who made it possible.


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