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2016 WAGS Camp Oven Cookout

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Randy Eckstein:
A few pics tonight and more forthcoming.  The team of 7 cooks put out a feast for the members tonight using 19 camp ovens.  Menu consisted of

Lasagna by Larry Pesek
Ratatouille and Red Potatoes by Randy Eckstein
Cornbread by Dwayne Henson
Stuffed Peppers by Stuart Lowery
Meatloaf by Scott Sanders
Jambalaya by Daniel McDowell
BBQ Pork Ribs and Baked Beans by Roger Barfield
Chocolate Dump Cake and Apple Pear Cobbler by Randy Eckstein
Throw in some cole slaw and rolls and about 40 people got stuffed to the gills.

First pic is one of Scott's two meatloafs, second pic is Stuart attending to one of 3 ovens of stuffed peppers and third pic is Larry Pesek working on his 2 ovens of lasagna

Randy Eckstein:
First pic is Daniel tending to the Jambalaya
Second pic is Roger working the BBQ Ribs
Third pic is Daniel and Dwayne admiring Roger's basting technique

Randy Eckstein:
Larry giving us a sneak peek of the lasagna
Stuart's peppers browning nicely
Long view of most but not all the camp ovens with most of the cooking team

Randy Eckstein:
Some views of the iron in action

Randy Eckstein:
More of the action


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