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2015 WAGS Convention


Greg Stahl:
The 2015 Annual WAGS Convention is coming together.  I have listed the Convention on the Upcoming Events link.

[size=24]REMEMBER[/size] you must be a dues paying WAGS member to go to the Convention and the registration paperwork is available only to WAGS members and located on the Members' side of the FORUM as well.

The highlight of this Convention will be the tour of the LODGE facility, while in operation, just like we did in 2005 (and we are still talking about that convention, as it was FANTASTIC!).  If you are thinking about going and are not a MEMBER of WAGS, don't wait until the last minute, as we must have head counts to the HOTEL and also to LODGE for logistics of transportation, meals, etc.  If you wait too long, you won't be going... PERIOD, as there are no excuses that will work and we always have someone that tries, but these are hard and fast rules set up by the HOTEL, as well as by LODGE.

Roger Barfield:
Two months from now we will be in Chattanooga.  If you have yet done so, please register and make plans to attend.  It will be a great convention.  I must admit I'm really looking forward to fall.   [smiley=sun1.gif]

Greg Stahl:
air flight reservations made, car rental done, hotel room reserved.  See you all at the Choo Choo!  Can't wait to put faces to some of the new WAGS members.

Ann and Calvin Smith:
See ya at the Choo Choo! Anybody know haw many are coming.  Hope it's a great turn out.

Cal & Ann Smith

Greg Stahl:
Well if touring the Lodge foundry, while in operation, does not get WAGS members to come, NOTHING will!  I can't wait to see the difference in the foundry from our last WAGS tour.


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