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2009 Convention - We are here.. where are you?

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Greg Stahl:
As we have done in the last several conventions, I'll start this link so that WAGS members can post updates about the convention as it is happening, so that those that can not be with us in Plano TX can be with us in spirit.  I have my digital camera (but not my software, new computer, so I need to figure out how to decrease pix size) and will post pix as time allows of the happenings at the convention.  I'm still in MA, but will be leaving for Plano shortly.  See you in Plano!!

(Waving arms) I'm here! Y'all hurry up!

C. Perry Rapier:

--- Quote ---(Waving arms) I'm here! Y'all hurry up!
--- End quote ---

Hello Michelle, have you got a pot of coffee on and breakfast goin on?

Oh yeah, Perry! I've got eggs, bacon, sausage, hashbrowns, bisquits, tomatoes, coffee, juice and milk! We're ready to go here!

Mike Shonfield:
 [smiley=00000064.gif]  I made it!  I'm here! [smiley=00000064.gif]

ppfff! It wasn't far!  :o :o :o

 [smiley=help.gif]  Uh would anyone like to give me a lift home?  :'( :'( :'(

 :-? :-? Well I think I am at the right place!  But I don't see anyone named Michelle or a coffee pot or even a Mustang parked in the lot. [smiley=unsure.gif] [smiley=unsure.gif]

Anyway, I go play a few rounds of golf before that Greg fellow shows up.  I mean how good can he be?  Especially with jet lag and not being use to the dry western climate!



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