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2008 Convention - We're here- where are you?

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Greg Stahl:
Ok, several folks are here already and the room parties have started.  I just got in after playing 18 holes at Waveland.  Easy course but a in great shape considering it was under water.  As I've done in the past, anyone that has pix, I'll try to post some during the convention, so you get a taste of what you're missin :(  Sorry :'(

Mike Bohannon:
We're about 4hrs away but stopped for the night.  Well we're 4hrs away unless I see some iron along the road, I get easily sidetracked on road trips. :)  Mike

Scott Sanders:
I'm still in Temecula getting the last minute packing and STUFF done before tomorrow's flight.  Leaving about 4:00 am to allow for morning traffic and to be at the airport by 6:00 am.  Flight leaves at 7:30 am, should be in Des Moines about 3:07 pm.  Going to meet Roger and head straight to the park so we can give Tom a hand with dinner.  See ya'll there.....come hungry.

Scott [smiley=Tomcat.gif] [smiley=icon_bananas.gif]

Sandy Glenn:
You and Roger are a couple of troopers.  We'll see you tomorrow.  Hope everyone has a safe trip!

Roger Barfield:
Scott, now remember to hide them six guns while you go through the security check point.  I'd hate for them to call in the swat team when you're on our side. ;D


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