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Ebay sellers, packing and history destruction

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Greg Stahl:
On the WAGS member side of the forum, there has been a lot of talk/discussion about the way Ebay sellers don't listen to others in the shipping and packing of items.  The result is that the items are coming broken and the loss is tragic.  Now this is not the result of poor handling by the various shipping companies out there, but due to the poor packing of Cast Iron items by the sellers,  SELLERS that believe cast iron is steel and unbreakable.

Cast iron is VERY VERY fragile and breaks very easily.  Not only are collectors upset that their items have been destroyed but because, you can't go back and fix these items, you can't replace these items and more, if not most importantly, this destroys a piece of history FOREVER.

I know that many Ebay sellers read this FORUM, so please listen to the buyers, as we know what we are doing when we give you instructions on packing cast iron.  We know, as we have vast experience in shipping ourselves OR from the poor examples of receiving items shipped.

Please help preserve our national treasures, our national art, our history and our collections by packing well.

edit in red.

Greg Stahl:
A new page has been set up so that you can directly email the link to sellers to offer packing instructions for cast iron.  Go to this link:

Cast Iron Care


Directly to this link:


Thank you very much for providing the link for proper packing...I never would have guessed it could be so tough. And I thought shipping fish was tough  ;D

Charles Layne:
i also fell victim to poor packaging on #8 iron mountian chicken fryer, it arrived with a crack from the top edge to the bottom. the lid survived now i am in search of just the pan; it was a sad loss.

Thanks for the thread.  I started selling on eBay and I am about to ship a few I sold. I was planning on just flat rate.  However, now I am going to package it better even if I take a hit for the first couple.

Thanks for the information


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