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Ed Allspaugh:
I picked up what appears to be an Iron Mountain handled griddle. The handle matches the shape of my Iron Moutain skillet handles  and the markings are in the same place p/n 1058 by the handle and #8 at the top. Very nice casting, just can't find the p/n. Has anyone seen this griddle before? And wondering why p/n not listed ?

Harry Riva:
I've seen a few of the  griddles but can't remember the pattern number. They are pretty hard pieces to find. Pattern number probably just got missed. Steve, have you picked this one up?

Will Person:

Nice find.   I found one last year and gave the number to Steve.   I also gave him numbers to the #7 Iron Mountain DO and the #8 Good Health DO that I got last year too.   The numbers never made it to the new book.   But I know that there is always allot going on.   It is great to find numbers not in the book ;D   That is probably the funnest part of the hunt.   Keep hunting.

Will P [smiley=smoking.gif]

Dave Smith asked me if he could use my pattern number list to update his lists in the books but the latest blue book went to press before I could get it to him.  Maybe for the next red book or his next book on early iron.  

I'm not sure where Dave's pattern number lists came from.  The Griswold numbers may have come from the L-W books and they got them from me.  The wagner catalog numbers are someone else's doings as well as any aluminum Griswold p/n's.  I have only kept tract of the iron pattern numbers.  

There is no source of pattern numbers so, if one wants a list of numbers, it has to be compiled by actually seeing those pieces.  The reason that there are a lot of pieces with no pattern number in the books is that those pieces have not been seem by me or others who might be adding to any list.  I keep my list up to date the best I can but it is a slow process to fill in the blanks.  I think I started keeping a p/n list about 20 years ago and it may include a lot of pieces not in other lists.

There is also an Iron Mountain No.9 handle griddle, p/n 1059.

Ed Allspaugh:
Thanks guys ,I'll add these numbers to my book and keep my eyes open for the 1059. I have found my best pieces at this small flea market, and they have been very reasonably priced. And yes I will keep up the hunt,its fun!


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