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Griswold lambs


Greg Stahl:
There are three Griswold lambs. The large one, with the leg pointing outwards and is marked 947 and 948.

There are two smaller ones with one marked 866 and 921 and 922. And another one marked 865 and 866.

Now I always thought the 866/921/922 was made only by Griswold until today when I checked the BLUE book and see that this one was made from 1930-60's.  Well Griswold was bought in 1957 by Wagner, so then some of the 866/921/922 were really made by WW.  How does one tell them apart?

I don't know and would like to know, as I just had an email from a person and they have a box and lamb in "mint" condition and I asked to have all the markings.  Guess what the box was marked, SIDNEY OH!!  one made by WW in the box.

A little research and comparing might turn up a way to tell the Wagner made lambs.  I know there are differences in the small "feet" at the front bottom of the lambs.  Some of the leveling feet are more horizontal while others are more vertical.  I could be thinking of the earlier 865/866 Lamb but maybe not.  Over the years I have noticed other small differences.  Perhaps some of the variations are unique to Wagner made lambs.  Also, you MIGHT see some differences in the grain pattern of some lambs made in Sidney and that grain pattern would be more like Wagner skillets of the period.  Also possible is that the lambs were made in Erie but some inventory in stock transferred to Sidney.  I have assumed for some time that some lambs WERE made in Sidney just as some sq. egg skillets were.

Regarding the large 948/949 lamb.  There seems to be no proof that it was made by Griswold.  948 was a p/n already used by Griswold from before they even used pattern numbers.  The print style is the same or similiar to early Griswold (ERIE) pieces of c.1890's but the large lamb does not show up in any catalogs that I am aware of.  Do you know?  I THINK it was made by Griswold but would love to have some concrete evidence.  One thing; a  Selden & Griswold advertisement does show that they made :The Novelty Cake Mold".  But did S&G ever mark any of their pieces with a pattern number?  That large lamb could have come from another foundry and not Griswold.  

Wagner did not buy Griswold, by the way.  It was more of a process of several buyouts of both companies before the two came together under the same ownership.   It was the Randall Co.  that brought the two companies together under one roof in Sidney in 1957.  Textron bought them two years later.   I have details if anyone is interested.


C. Perry Rapier:
On the forum, here awhile back, the subject of lambs was on. Somebody said that Wagner made lambs because Dave Smith had been told this by an "experienced" dealer or collector. There was doubt as the whether it was true that Wagner ever made lambs or not. Do you suppose this is what the guy was talking about? Did he know that Wagner made lambs after Griswold was gone? The reason I ask this is because from the forum, it was not clear as to when this fellow said Wagner made lambs, before Griswold was gone, or after Griswold was gone. And if Wagner made lambs in Sidney can it now be said that Wagner made lambs or would it be proper to say Wagner made Griswold lambs after Griswold sold out? I hope this doesn't sound like a tongue twister. Perry Rapier

I recently purchased a Griswold Lamb with original tag and instructions p/n 866 921/922.  The tag indicates Erie, PA.

Don't know if that helps.


Will Person:
You know.   I have a rabbit that is marked correctly and is of nice grain.   But the markings are not that deep and defined.   After I got it,  I was thinking "was this made by Wagner?"   Has anyone else seen rabbits or lambs like this?  

Will P. [smiley=smoking.gif]


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