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Marion and Tecumseh skillet info.

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Trying to find out more about Marion and Tecumseh skillets and other cookware.  There is a town of Marion in most mid-western states and there is a Marion county on at least one state--I don't remember which.  Where was Marion made?

There is a Tecumseh, MI.  Again, where was Tecumseh made and what are the names of the companies.  Could use any information as I want to add to the manufacturer's list.

Both Marion and Tecumseh pans appear with ERIE or other names as ghost markings so there was some tie in if even to use a Griswold pan for a pattern.  The quality of Marion and Tecumseh, from what I have seen, was comparible or a bit better than the average Wapak.

Did you find out anything about Marion Skillets. I have not seen one around here since about the time I first met you and I was blinded by the word Griswold. I think we have only seen two of them around here. I can not remember much about them except that they had an outside heat ring and were not bad castings. The reason I asked is when looking for info on Lodge found out that Lodge is in Marion County and that there were quite a few foundrys in that area in late 1800's. Not trying to say that they were made by Lodge or that they came from that part of country. But has anyone compared them. Just a thought. john

No info yet on these two companies.  I have a No.8 nickel plated Marion on the way to me.  It looks like the early, series 2 ERIE skillets and is all polished on the outside.

I looked in an Atlas and found that there was a Marion (town) in Iowa, Ill, Mich, Ohio, and several other midwestern states.  Something will thrn up I hope.

Bob Logan:
There is a Marion #9 skillet on ebay right now.  I don't know anything about it.


Jerry Cermack:
I have heard that Marion was made in Marion, Indiana but I dont know for sure.....I've seen several of them around Indiana tho


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