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Ellis has a neat skillet and cover here

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Greg Stahl:
can anyone ID these?

from Ellis's email to me:++

I have attached some pix of a deep skillet and lid that we acquired a few weeks ago.  There are no markings on either the skillet or lid.  Hopefully the pix show the crosshatching design that divides the lid into quarters and extends onto the skillet  and will kindle a flame of recognition in someone.  The inside of the skillet is very well seasoned, and the outside appears to be an almost black coating of some kind.


Harry Riva:
I don't know who made it but I now have pan envy.

Greg Stahl:
I feel your pain Harry.  That is one cool design built into the cover and continuing into the skillet

Seen a few; don't know nuttin 'bout it.  But it's got style!

Will Person:
I'm very cheap, ;D ;D    but I think I would spend some money on that one.   I like it.

Will P.


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