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Who made this Stick Pan?

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I've got a pic of a stick pan that I've never seen before and I'm confused about its origin.  If you let me know where to send the pic to post it, someone might be able to figure it out.

By the way, I'm new to collecting Griswold and my focus has become stick and gem pans.  I don't have many yet, but I'm really enjoying the hunt.


Jake :)

Greg Stahl:
email the pix to me

I see that you are in Brookline, neighbor!  I work at Brigham and Women's Hospital.

welcome to the WAGS site.  You'll enjoy the folks on here.

Harry Riva:
Jake, Looks like you have a Wagner corn stick pan and according to the info in the blue book it was made in the 40's. I would suggest buying the Blue and Red books on Griswold, Wagner, and others. They are a good, quick way of getting up the curve on a lot of cast iron. You can get them for Greg, the webmaster of this site.

THanks for the info, Harry.  I suspected it might be a Wagner.  I forgot to mention that the inside of the pan is the wheat pattern, not corn, which is why I was confused to not see "corn or wheat" on the back.  Any idea on relative value/rarity among other Wagner pans?  I'd like to know if this would be of interest to others who collect Wagner.  I'm sticking to Griswold pans for now.


Harry Riva:
They are not rare and they show up on e-bay every month or so. I don't know what they bring on e-bay since I don't pay attention to them as I already have several. I'm into mine for about $35 each and that was kind of the going price when I bought mine.



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