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Greg Stahl:
Wow you are good.  Not only is the pix the Colorado, the pix is the EXACT same pix used in the booklet.  I'll post the pix in the same topic above.

Great job!!  Do you have Naval experience?

Greg --

Thanks for the compliments!  No, I don't have a Navy background, but I like warships and planes and often surf sites with related information, as well as visit museums.

Back to your cast aluminum ware booklet, the only other thought that I have is that the phrase "...and Save You Money" might indicate a Depression era vintage, but this is just a guess (I'll defer to the real cookware experts for further investigation!!).  

Glad to be of help.

-- Janet

Greg Stahl:
Reason I asked about Naval experience, is that Steve and I talked today about the pieces that are marked USN on Griswold.  When were they made, dates, etc.?  What pieces were made?

 No expert here but might be able to add a little.
 I bought a (Battleship Heavy Duty Cast Aluminum) skillet lid at second West Coast meeting. Chuck was saying it looked like Griswold but that he did not think that it was. I disagreed because it has a Griswold handle just like most skillet lids, it has Griswold basting rings, the seal ring goes around inside of pour spouts like most Griswold skillet lids. But most important it has Griswold patent info and to be honest I am not sure if it has dates or numbers. I think it has the patent numbers like Best Made or some Iron Mountain lids. I will dig it out if you want more info.
  I later saw a magazine ad ( gave info to Joel) I think was 1928 or 29 that was for Battleship Heavy Duty Aluminum a registered trade mark of Sears Roebuck.
  Now this lid is marked with a 10 on the inside but it is a tight fit on a Griswold No. 7. The center basting ring is oval around a raised battleship.
 Well we know that at this time Griswold was making Best Made iron for Sears.
  I can not see Griswold letting a competitor use their patents. But who knows this country was booming in 28 and 29. If they had more demand than they could supply I guess they could have farmed it out.
 Cannot speak about any other pieces but the one lid I have I think Griswold made.
 Must have been short lived, Battleship pieces are not common.
 As soon as I get a camera I will be glad to send you pictures. Maybe should say as soon as I learn to use it.
 Hope this helps a little,  John

Greg Stahl:
yes, I'd like pix.


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