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Greg Stahl:
Ok, I have one for the experts.  Anyone heard of this one?

Several of the pieces look like Griswold, but some don't.  Cool little booklet regardless with 16 pages, but no dates, darn.

See the link below that Janet put up.  Not only has she identified the battle ship as the Colorado, closer inspection of the pix in her link with the pix on my booklet reveals that it is the same exact pix!!!  Just look at the black smoke from the stack!  Great job, Janet!!

Hello Greg -

It might be possible to bound the date of the catalog from the picture of the battleship on the cover.  Is there a hull number visible in the photograph (i.e., BB - ??)?  Can you tell if the masts are caged or tripod style?

My first guess is that this is a ship of the Tennessee or Colorado class; the earliest of which was commissioned in June, 1920.  

I hope this helps a bit.  

-- Janet

Greg Stahl:
Great idea, but my eyes are bad.

My friend says it is 165 or 163 then LL or FL or CC or LE or EL??

Hi Greg -

I think this might be a photo of the USS Colorado (BB - 45) taken in 1923.  Take a look at the USN archive photo at:
and see what you think.

As a humorous aside, wouldn't Battleship have been a better name for a line of cast iron cookware than aluminum?  :)



Greg Stahl:
could be.  Link is as follows:


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