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Any Griswold Pup Collectors?

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Harry Riva:
Over the years I have heard the various " Griswold did make pups... " and the "Griswold did not make pups" and " Hubley made all of the pups", and I don't know how many others. Well, let me say that I don't know but I have seen pups marked with Griswold and the number 30 AND an advertisement, either Hines or Bucky, I'm just not sure which. The pups were not repros so it was my opinion that Griswold made at least some of the pups since their name and an advertising name is on some of the pups. Make sense?

Paul Beer:
Harry, the story I heard or read was that Hubley actually made the griswold pups that were passed out by griswold...Paul

Jerry Cermack:
I dont remember seeing that article and I dont have that issue?  

I've asked Dave Smith about this and here is what he told me:

"Griswold painted some pups black but as far as I know, no other color was used. Pups were also made by the Hubley DToy Company, in various colors and markings. Most pups are Hubley. If they aren't marked Griswold, 30, Pup, don't consider them as Griswold".  -Dave

I just know I have several pups that vary greatly in size, so I figure they were made by different foundries?  I do not have a Griswold pup for comparison.

John Knapp:
I have 35 pups, most of them with different advertising on the back, also a couple in aluminum and brass.  The Griswold pup has his tail turned up a bit where as the Hubleys and others sit flat.  Most of them are 1 5/8" high but there are some that are 2" high, these are sometimes called 'papa pups'.  Check Doris Mosier's website, she has a nice showing of the different pups and a background on them also.  Her website is:
It would be nice if we could get everybody to post what their pups advertise as there are a few new ones popping up from time to time.

Jerry Cermack:
I have one of the larger pups. He stands 2 1/8" tall and has Mathews Steel on his butt.  The variations in lettering also fascinate me.  I have Hines Pup in raised letters and also incised letters....and the same thing in Aluminum.  All 4 say Hines Pup but are different in one way or another.

As I mentioned earlier, I see a difference in size among the pups and wonder if thats an indication they were made by a different foundry?

My favorites are the ones that look like the Hubley Fido bank. They have eyes and mouth like the bank and I assume they were surely made by Hubley.


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