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Any Griswold Pup Collectors?

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Greg Stahl:
Sure would be good to have photos for each pup.  Wonder if Doris Mosier will contribute, as I know she has a large collection, but she has yet to register on this site.

John Knapp:
I can take pics of my pups as a few of them do have variations, especially the "Hines" pups.  I dont know how Greg will want to handle the pic section, but I am open to suggestions.  One way would be is to keep our own pics in our computers and email them to members that want to see them.  Anybody have other suggestions???   Also, my pics wont be availablr until May, as I am in Florida for the winter :)

Greg Stahl:
If folks send me TIFF, GIF, JPEG or other "normal" files, I can store them on this site and link the pix to the actual dog/pup, similar to the Foundries list that Steve is doing.

Does that sound like a plan that will work for all of you that have pups??

I will try to update this site, so that you will be able to send attachements in the IM section.  Just too much on my plate at the present time.


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