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Any Griswold Pup Collectors?

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Jerry Cermack:

As I understand from Dave Smith, Griswold never made any cast iron pups that didnt say Griswold Pup, 30 , on them and also did not paint them colors with the exception of some were japanned black.  Hubley supposedly made many of them, and painted  from the factory? I have never heard that Lodge painted any they made. I keep seeing pups on ebay listed as guaranteed ORIGINAL PAINT and you can obviously tell someone dabbed on them at some point in time. Its a shame some sellers knowingly or unknowingly deceive by calling them Griswold or Original Paint.

I have several pups in my collection that have advertising names on them. One you see most often is probably Hines....Does anyone know what Hines refers too?.....I have one that says Blue Pup on the back, and was given away by John Blue Co., Laurenburg, NC...I have no idea who made it, but its much smaller than the other pups?...also have one that is over 2" tall with advertising on it?....does anyone know of other foundries that made pups besides Hubley, Griswold, Lodge or can shed any light on the advertising names we see on them?

Paul Beer:
Jerry, I think there is an article in one of the back issues of Kettles and Cookware...Dave Smiths newsletter, on the pups...I will check it out here in the next day or so and let you know...I recall from somewhere that actually Hubley  made all of them for the various outfits including Griswold...I'll get back to you if I can find it...Paul

Dave Kruppenbacher:
Jerry & Paul  There was a piece in Dave Smith's Kettles "n Cookware.  Volume 5 No. 5 page 42.  I've seen lots of pups but very few marked Griswold.  I think that would be a good topic for an in depth article....Dave

Paul Beer:
Dave, thanks that saves a lot of reading..

Jerry do you have those back issues?   Paul

Paul Beer:
I think those pups have been reproduced quite abit and are mentioned in some of the fake sections on some of the forums etc...they may be running a close second to the 0 size pans...Paul


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