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Wagner #1101 bacon and egg skillet

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Rob Di Stasio:
I found one of these while on vacation today, pretty cool piece. Square skillet divided in half and then one of the halves divided again. I like it anyway, but any collector value on these? ???

Marked WagnerWare, Sidney,  Bacon and Egg Pan,  1101

Thanks Rob

These used to be quite common but I have to admit that they rarely show up on ebay; or is it that I never click on them when they do?  I'd say value is around $10 to 25.  The one you want to go after is the older one with the single hole in the handle instead of the handle with the spear shaped hole.  The earlier one had a rectangular bacon press available, or maybe it came with the skillet, and the number on the press is also 1101 I think.  In the earlier style handle Wagner also made a similar pan that was undivided, with a square bacon press.  The presses are usually missing from the skillets but they can be found separately sometimes.

Greg Stahl:
There are several different versions of this skillet.  Like Steve states the more collectible one is the one with the single round hole in the handle, as it is the oldest.  Here's one on Ebay now.
If you search the completed auctions on Ebay, these have sold for as little as $9.95.

There is another version that has a thumb rest and the opening in the handle is more triangular.  The triangular handle version is on Ebay quite a bit, but you seldom see the round holed version.  Greg

Rob Di Stasio:
 ;DThought you might find this amusing. Today at a flea market a guy had two of these for sale, one round hole and one triangular. For the life of me I couldn't remember which was the more valuable. Neither could my girlfriend. We remembered that the one we saw on Martha's Vineyard wasn't the one, but we couldn't remember which one it was.

So I had to buy both, $10 each.

Recoil Rob

Greg Stahl:
Great buys!!


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