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Dawn Power Dissolver/Or What Ever It's Called Today

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Duke Gilleland:
Bought an old aluminum dutch oven today. $3.00 was just right for a "PROJECT"! Last time I discussed Dawn Power Dissolver here, it was called something else and could only buy it on line by the case. The formula called Dawn Power Dissolver worked miracles on carboned up aluminum.
Can anyone give me any info on what was once called Dawn Power Dissolver availability today? HELP appreciated...Duke

Cheryl Watson:

Cheryl Watson:
Not to be confused with the newest Dawn Product...
which BTW...

does NOT work anywhere near as well as the Dawn Power Dissolver

Cheryl Watson:
That said, how about a picture of your Aluminum piece !  :D :D

What I have found, is that if you have a lot of the brownish/ dark yellow grease, DPD is phenomenal...

If you have Black Burned on Stuff... you need to consider other options...

(SCO or Carbon Off....)

Duke Gilleland:
Thanks, ordered 2 bottles of the DPD [smiley=thumbsup.gif] Nothing special. Just a Magnalite with tab handles and a lid. Something to do with idle time. Probably clean and give to church charity. Our favorites here are cast iron and Revere Ware. Lady said I missed the cast iron early morning that went fast. Have not made many estate sales this year [smiley=embarassed.gif]


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