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Remove shaft from wood-handled griddle/skillet?

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Cheryl Watson:
Yes it is different.  I also have PB Blaster which I tried on the Sausage Stuffer above....

Greg Stahl:
yeap, I was reading on some forums and it looks like Kroil is better than PB BLaster.  I'm off to buy some for my truck now.

Damn, this forum teaches you more stuff than......

Cheryl Watson:
I know... ain't it great?

The guys kept mentioning it here and there....

I finally bought it last fall.... wow!

Jim Fuchs:
 Just one opinion, but have used Kroil years ago. Hands down THE best available, as Cheryl said. If Kroil doesn't loosen it, it ain't stuck, it's welded. I think they used to claim a "creepage" of 1 millionth of an inch. :o
     In a case of a broken off rod (down inside the piece), if nothing else will work, I have used LEFT handed twist drills. Have to be sure that you're in the center, and use the smallest size possible to start with, gradually increasing if necessary. (careful not to hit the female threads). The combination of the "loosening" direction, and the heat works great! Soak in Kroil first though.

Herman Gagne:
I've used Kroil for years, and the longest it took to loosen the piece was one week; on the 6th day, it wouldn't budge, and on the 7th, it just came off with no effort..kept it soaked the whole time in Kroil.


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