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Remove shaft from wood-handled griddle/skillet?

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Neal Birkett:
I recently picked up a fairly nice wood-handled griddle, but it needs a replacement handle.

Although not outwardly rusted, the handle shaft is resisting removal.  I hesitate to twist hard, because it could break off.

I have tried loosening the shaft the with Liquid wrench penetrating oil, applying heat to the boss, and even vinegar in the well for the shaft.

The shaft remains firmly stuck.  Does anyone have any recommendations on loosening it?

Cheryl Watson:

Best thing since sliced bread.
Can only be bought online from wholesalers...

Boy does this stuff work!

I bought some to use on the Sausage Stuffer I am restoring.  The center spindle was firmly rusted to the pressing plate.   

Tried everything... Liquid wrench, Seafoam Deep Creep, heat....

Tiny amount of Kroil applied to both sides.... 5 minutes later,,,, it was free.   

I have also spent the last 5 weeks fighting with corroded padlocks (long story).  Finally brought out the Kroil....

Neal Birkett:
Thanks, I will look for it. Neal

Neal Birkett:
OK, we'll see how it works.  Thanks again.

Greg Stahl:
Is Kroil something like PB Blaster?

PB Blaster works great on frozen U joints on steering columns (a problem with F150 trucks that are 10 years old). 

I might try the Kroil if it is different, as my steering column could be better.


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