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Cheryl Watson:
Fire Damaged Iron Thread Recovered  (Click Here)

And new posts can be made to expand this thread.  :)

So let's keep those pictures and discussion coming!  ;)

Cheryl Watson:

Not looking too good.......... :(

Corinne Wetzel:
Cheryl, thanks for moving this info over to the new forum.  I studied these photos and read all the info on fire-damaged iron on the old forum last summer when I was  starting to get into acquiring pieces. It was an excellent tutorial on what NOT to buy.  I recommend to all my fellow newbies out there that they study these photos.  This info saved me money and disappointment. 

Nathan Flory:
Is this something you would call "Fire Damaged"?  There is a horrible crown in the center of this pan that I assume is not there normally.

Cheryl Watson:
That one is a tuff call... I would say maybe... it would need to be cleaned first to see what color is under the rust.

but the inward warp would kill it for me, whether there is obvious fire damage or not... clearly not flat , possibly from overheating.


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