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Tom Neitzel:
An EvapoRust trick. Those of you that have tried to take the rust off a big object that you can't completely submerge in the liquid have likely learned that a black line that is essentially impossible to remove, will form where the liquid meets the air. I've devised many methods to make sure I can completely submerge something, but I had a brainstorm when cleaning the old German hex waffle iron.

All I needed to do is to prevent the air from getting into contact with the iron and liquid at the contact. Something waterproof might work. So I smeared Vaseline (Petroleum Jelly) on the handles. Then made sure the liquid hit the handles on the jelly. Worked perfectly. No black line and a nice clean finish.

Pictures to show it in progress.

I did put Archimedes to work too, the pictures tell the story.

First pic, you can see the smeared on Vaseline.  Covers enough area to be sure the liquid/air line is protected.

Second, waffle iron in a 5 gallon EvapoRust can, but the level is below the Vaseline.

Third, Archimedes at work, filled a ziplock bag with water, put it in the can and displaced the EvapoRust high enough to hit the Vaseline.

Fourth, doing the other end of the iron handle.  I just had it hanging from a rack to hold it at the right level in the bucket.

Tom Neitzel:
Here's the old waffle iron after cleaning.

What looks like a line in the overall outside picture on the handle is actually a bump in the casting itself.  Look at both the inside and outside of the handles and you will not see any evidence of the awful black line.

I picked Vaseline because I had some, it doesn't stink like wheel bearing grease, and it washes off easily.  Pretty much anything that is sticky and waterproof would work.

Russell Ware:
Great tip Tom. Thanks for posting that. I've been moving towards a couple of applications for Evaporust. Preplanning looks like the key to success with it.

Tom Neitzel:
Here's a picture of the pan that taught me about the black line seven years ago.  Tried just flipping it a bit in hopes the evaporust would remove it.  Nope.  Now has two permanent lines on it.  Arrows point to them.

Duke Gilleland:
Does the Evaporust "etch" the iron?


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