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Joseph Durham:
That is the actual piece. The seller agreed to hold it for me for a few days.

Cheryl Watson:
I would likely remove the handles,

1. Spray the Aluminum pans with Dawn Power Dissolver to remove residual grease. Wash well with non abrasive plastic scrubbie or sponge.

and then

2. Boil the Aluminum pans for 5 minutes in Oxalic Acid solution.  (Beware of fumes... I boil mine outdoors).  Wash off loosened residue with plastic scrubbie, and then 0000 steel wool.

Then see what you've got after those two steps... :)

Joseph Durham:
Thank you Cheryl!  I appreciate the input.

Does that look like a good omelet pan to you?  Iíve never seen one before.

Cheryl Watson:
From what I could see... seems okay!

I have resisted Omelet Pans... so far... but I am sure I'll pick up a few in the future!


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