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Joseph Durham:
I just got my first piece of aluminum Wagner Ware, a omelet pan. I checked it against the blue book and I definitely came out ahead. Now.....the only question that I have is how do I go about cleaning the darn thing. Hahaha.

The wife is excited because she loves omelettes, and I am excited to use it because,’s a Wagner.  ;)  The outside looks very good, a little grime, but nothing major at all.

Recommended way of cleaning and getting it ready for a good breakfast?

Thanks everyone,


Russell Ware:
Look for the CLEANING & RESTORATION board on this forum.
In the Important Topics section at the top, the fifth entry is entitled “BEST THREADS - CLEANING & RESTORATION.”
Click on that thread.
The second topic down in that thread has links for cleaning aluminum hollow ware.
If you need more information, just post another question.

Cheryl Watson:
Hi Joseph!
A picture of top and bottom of the omelet pan would be helpful....

and may affect what I would recommend, based on what I see....

(ps... include handles in pic pleez!)

Joseph Durham:
Here is a link.....

Cheryl Watson:
Is that the actual piece you now have?

or just one like it?

Cleaning Aluminum has many different approaches... 

So I need to see yours to actually see what certain colors/debis patterns are present.


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