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Sam Roberts:
Thanks to Jesse for the help. It's my first Griswold Stove, but I like the results. One mistake I'm going to correct, and that is repaint it with gloss vice the semi-gloss that I used.

Here is a link to the entire process

Sam, that is night and day! I really like how your valve shined up along with the rest of it.

Have you fired it up yet?

Oh Sam...I was hoping you'd post pictures when you told me about it!  That's pretty! (And I like the semi gloss as much as the glossy!)

Will Person:
I used semi gloss on this.   Still seems pretty shiny.  Your stove looks nice.   I think most of the new old stock stoves you see are not that shiny.   But,  have they lost the shine over years?


Jeff Seago:
I used a flat black for the feet of a 203 and I did not like the results at all.  I think the brand of paint was Heat by Rustoleum?

Is there a paint that is just a little duller than the one that Sam used??


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