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Conversion Chart for Washing Soda - Electro

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Cheryl Watson:
How much Washing Soda ( Sodium Carbonate) should be used in the electrolysis tank?   1 T. per gallon of water.

So here is a handy conversion chart /quick reference, printable on a 3x5 recipe card.... :) 

Gary Salsman:
I'm only partially confused now. I took a tablespoon and a 1/4 cup measuring devise from the kitchen. 4 level tbsp made 1/4 cup level. I understand that. I then poured it into another measuring cup I had that went to 1/2 cup, and it only went to the 1/8 mark. Is there a difference between liquid and dry measuring cups? If there is, I've been using twice the amount needed.

Cheryl Watson:
Yes, dry measure is different from liquid measure. 

The Pyrex glass measuring cups are liquid.

Dry measuring cups are usually sold as nested sets.

Gary Salsman:
OK I have the dry measured set, and I guess I was dumping it in a liquid measuring cup. All along, I have been running my electro at double strength washing soda.

Jeff Friend:
I want to clarify something here about volume measurements.

The wet and dry measuring utensils are shaped differently to help you make a more accurate measurement.  There is no difference in the volume of a cup of water or a cup of sodium carbonate.  If you are getting drastically different results, one or both of the measuring devices are inaccurate.

The so-called "dry" and "wet" measuring cups may look different, but a cup measured in one should equal a cup measured in something else.  [Note about flour and similar powders - since the weight of flour in any volume is dependent on how it is packed into a volumetric measuring device, weight is a better measurement option.  But a cup is still a cup.]

Gary, don't worry about running your electro at double strength.  As long as you have enough sodium carbonate in solution to get the current flow you want, and the pH of the solution is above 9 or 10, you're OK.


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