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I thought I would start a new thread that would show how we are using Perry's barrels.

My barrels came today but dang it was empty - must have tipped over in the truck.  So I guess I'll have to order 55 gallons of that special water.

Anyway, here is how I'm going to start off with it.  The rubber hose wouldn't fit over the pipe so I slit it and put it over the rim of the barrel.  May change the pipe to a piece of 3/4 inch reinforcing rod when I find some.  Now if I just had that water.  :)

Thanks again Perry, the barrel is just awesome.

Ready to go.

C. Perry Rapier:
Gary, thanks for the pictures. I like the idea of the hose around the rim, thats good. However, I would also put one of those plastic clamps on each end of the rod laying across the barrel. The plastic clamps hold the rod in place so you don't bump it and knock it in the water and holds the whole thing in place. Also, the big c clamp you can just hang on the rod and still get a good connection. I like that too.

And finally, I am mad  >:(. Its bad enough you got my barrel, but I'll be danged in you ain't got the very same battery charger that I got too. I'm going out in the garage right now and lookin to see if mine is still there.

Again, thanks for the pictures. I have a lot of ideas as we move along.

Duke Gilleland:
Just my opinion...But I would stay with the pipe as opposed to the rebar. I found rebar to be a poor metal to use in the Electro process. It I went to anything it would be a piece of copper grounding rod.

C. Perry Rapier:
Duke, I hear what you are saying but the rebar laid across the top is really not involved in the electro process but only conducting electricity for it. The electrolysis process is between the piece being cleaned and the barrel. Personally, I don't see why rebar would not work because you need something sturdy across the top and as long as its good and clean and not all rusty, you should get a good connection. I only say the rebar because it is cheap and available. The copper ground rod would definitely work. I would just think it would not be as available nor as cheap as rebar.

Also, I want to say I am not an authority on this process nor am I trying to be. I am only sharing my experiences from what I have learned with trial and error. And every lick I learned about this, I learned on this forum.


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