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Tom Neitzel:
Paul Beer, the individual that got me into plett pan years ago, and kept me on the straight and narrow while writing the articles, with his and other's assistance, decided to liquidate his plett pan collection and donate the proceeds to WAGS.

I said I would be happy to handle the sales for him so he dropped 5 bankers boxes full of pans off last June.  I've let time really slip by, but it is time to start.

These are mostly American pans with some quite scarce.

We'll start with the easy ones, Alfred Andresen, Western Importing, and Griswold.

I've attached a pdf listing the variations for each of these names.  The pictures are not of the pans for sale, but I can provide actual pictures to those that are interested.

All of the money raised, after payment and shipping expenses, will go to support WAGS, nothing to Paul or me.

The pans in general are clean and seasoned.

Right now, I believe I have examples of everything in the pdf available.

Shipping, I believe, will be $15.00 each, combining to lower cost will be done if needed.

Have a look at the pdf.  You can zoom to see the markings better.

Pricing is as follows:

Alfred Andresen
V1 - $80
V2 - $100
V3 - $90
V4 - $60
V5 - $60

Western Importing
V1 - $60
V2 - $60
V3 - $60
V4 - $80

The Sandvik Saw, $60, and two variations of the Swedish Importing Pans, $80 each (considered by most to be Griswold products) are available too.

Checks from WAGS members are fine, otherwise PayPal to me.

Remember, your purchase, less actual payment and shipping costs, supports WAGS, nothing to Paul or me.

Post here if you want actual pictures, let me know here, PM me when the time comes to exchange details for purchase.

These are the easy ones to start with.  More will be coming.

Anything that doesn't sell here will get posted for sale elsewhere, even eBay eventually.


Sandy Glenn:
Tom, I must have been sleeping when it was determined there are two versions of the milled bottom plett.

Regardless, if still available, I'd like to purchase the one mentioned above.

And to Paul... how extremely generous of you to donate the proceeds to WAGS.  I guess Tom was wrong when he told me you're a wily wascal  ;D

Dwayne Henson:
Very generous of you, Paul.

Paul Beer:
Wow Tom, when you get on to it you really hit it...thanks for handling it...P

Brian Vick:
Very nice of both of you


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