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Greg Stahl:
WAGS members have a very high standard in our ethics with regard to selling and buying cast iron and aluminum cookware.  In response to a recent comment by one of our WAGS members, I thought it would be a great idea to have a feed back section for buys and sales from and by visitors and WAGS members for their transactions.

If you would like to comment on transactions, please post them under this thread.  WAGS members greatly appreciate hearing from customers!!

Jeff Seago:
If any of the below mentioned individuals have any issues with the words that I am about to say just tell me and I will delete that part of the post.

I would like to put a plug in for Chuck Rogers.  I have dealt with Chuck on many occasions now and he is a top shelf seller!!  I am going to put some things out here that may very well cause Chuck to raise the bar but I would highly doubt that based on my experiences with him.

Chuck Rogers is:
     1. Honest
     2. Respectful
     3. Respectable
     4. Excellent at packaging (one can only tie his packaging not beat it)
     5. Fast at shipping
     6. Very Fair
     7. Absolutely great at seasoning
     8.  All of the above again

I might be fairly new to collecting but I am not fairly new to dealing with people.  Good people are few and far between and Chuck, along with many many many WAGS members (I don't know them all personally or I would say all), are good people.  What else can be said.

Becky Leach:

I have only sold to Becky but she is a true Iowan through and through.  For those of you not from the midwest you probably would not understand.  Being from Iowa bears certain responsibilities that most from our great state cannot live up to.  Becky can!  I sold her a pan and she did not think the price was fair so she sent me and extra $5.  You don't find people like that every day do you??

Judith Holiday:

I have sold to Judith as well.  I screwed up big time and sent her the wrong item and another guy got her item!!  She was completely understanding and I made it right with the both of them as I should have.  I hope that she is happy with the items that I have sent her.  She is also top notch in my book.  She is good people.  

In case you have not figured it out yet being good people is about the highest honor that I can personally bestow upon someone!!

Michelle Brewer:

Sold an item to Michelle and she is good people!  Great communication and I am completely satisfied with the transaction that took place.  I would not be afraid to send her an item and let her check it out before she paid for the item (no questions asked).  Just great to deal with and like I said great communication.

Jerry Cermack:

I have purchased an item from Jerry and I would do it again in a heartbeat.  He was honest and very descriptive.  The shipping was very fast and the item was packed very very well!! Jerry is good people.  The communication was second to none.  Do not be afraid to buy anything from Jerry site unseen!

H. Jesse Dunfee:

Jesse bought some items from me off of EBay.  I hope that he was happy with all of them.  I am sure that I described all of them accurately so I think that he was.  He paid immediately and his communication was also second to none.  He did not know that he was buying from me but I knew it was him!  Just great.  Jesse is good people.  I would also deal with him in a heart beat with no questions asked.

Greg Stahl:

There are not enough words of praise that can be said about the man that is responsible for WAGS!  I have bought three books from Greg but I really wish that I would have bought every cast iron book that I own from him. is the best website around for purchasing reference books and catalogs form days gone by.  The site also has some very rare items for sale!  Greg is good people!  I would not be afraid to deal with him in any way, shape, or form.

P.S.  I am sure that this list will get far more comprehensive in the future.  As a matter of fact I will have to find a few more people to add to this list that I have forgotten and I apologize to them for that.

I just saw this topic and would like to add Jerry Perry.  He is the reason I joined WAGS.  I asked him to look for a #9 deep skillet for me and he posted it here.  I bought 2 skillets from him that he had listed on Ruby Lane and they came ready to use.  He has gone out of his way for me.  Thanks, Jerry.  

After I joined WAGS and started reading (a little at a time since I have poor vision), I became acquainted with a few more of this elite group.  I say elite because your ethics are excellent and overall, the nicest group you'd ever want to meet (next year, when the convention is in my neck of the woods).  I next want to thank C. Perry Rapier, who helped me enormously with my cast iron Chambers range, is always helpful and kind, and gives me a well-needed chuckle on here.  A toast to you, no, not a roast, a toast.  No, not burnt toast, alcohol toast.  Oh, okay, non-alcoholic toast.  No, it's not rye, it's probably grape juice.  Never mind.  Thank you, Perry, I wouldn't hesitate to buy or sell anything to or from you.  But sorry, no chickens.  They don't allow them here.  Strict rules.  

C. Perry Rapier:
Hello Kat, thank you for the kind words.  :-[

And Jeff, what about ME? Here is what Jeff wrote about me and then he decided to delete it, but I read it before he deleted it.

Perry Rapier, do not buy anything nor sell this man anything. He is a crook and a thief.  ;D ;D ;D ;D


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