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Sandra Aldrich:
Hello everyone! Newbie here. I have access to nothing...  :grin:! So I guess I知 posting here to introduce myself. What do you all want to know about me? I知 from Alaska (obviously) and I知 addicted to cast iron. Is this where the 12 step program is?

Stuart Lowery:
Welcome to the best place for accurate info on CI. Any special interests? Do you get much CI way up there? What does "access to nothing" mean?
Any questions, just let us know

Sandra Aldrich:
:) I just saw all the members-only threads first thing and lamented not being able to access the good stuff. I know how to rectify that though.

We don稚 get much up here unfortunately. My particular interests are waffle irons & Iron Mountain. Trying to figure out the size range/pattern list for IM skillets & DO痴.

Duke Gilleland:
Sandra, Howdy from down in Texas! Welcome to the BEST cast iron cookware site on the web.
Dues($25.00 a year) paying members have access to to research files on all brands of hollow ware. Our recently updated site is still in the learning mode but with much faster speed.
Dues paying members also have yearly convention privileges held at sites around the country.
As far as collectable cast iron goes, it would be the best $25.00 you can spend :thumbsup:
Been here 17 years and still learning. Again- :welcome: 

Lee Bowen:
Welcome aboard, Sandra.  You have found the most informative and user friendly site to feed your CI Addiction.  As we all know, this is one addiction for which there is no cure, so embrace it.  The knowledge and support here are second to none.
Again, welcome from the Rolling Hills of Livingston, Polk County, Deep East Texas.


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