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Castaloy for cracks?

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Rob Di Stasio:
I was surprised a search turned up no hits for this, Castaloy rods to repair cracks.

Seems straight forward, heat with torch to 500˚+, use flux and rod melts into crack.

Does anyone have experience with this?



Greg Stahl:
never heard of it.

Rob Di Stasio:

Russell Ware:
There is aluminum in it. Aluminum is degraded by lye. I guess as long as you don't put the piece in a lye bath to clean it, the repair might hold. I didn't see the words specifically denoting FOOD GRADE on the website. I see more drawbacks than anything positive to convince me to use it. Take a lesson learned on a cracked piece of iron. Find an alternative use for it, and find an integral piece to replace it. It will last longer than a repaired piece and be safer to use in the long term.
Who knows what is in the flux either. How acidic is it? Will it etch the iron you are repairing? What residue will it leave behind?

Duke Gilleland:
 :scratchchin: Hot Shot J B Weld.


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