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Lye bath solution disposal


Thomas Gebbia:
noobie here. what are some ways of lye bath solution disposal? is it safe to pour it down a drain that has pvc pipes?

Russell Ware:
The 100% lye I use is sold as drain cleaner. It goes down the pvc drains with no problem, and it still keeps them clean.
Just watch the bottom of your bath. If you have a lot of sludge there, I would dump that stuff in an inconspicuous place in the backyard. Some people say the spent lye kills plants, but I haven't had that happen. I got real tough weeds here.

Greg Stahl:
Very safe for pvc pipes. I just put a pound of pure lye down my parents drain to try to fix an issue.

Valerie Johnson:
The only problem I see with pouring it down your drain is if you have older plumbing which might have have a cast iron pipe with a lead packing, Yes you may see PVC where you are pouring it but look at the actual main pipe that leads to your outside sewerage pipe.
 And be aware that pouring a lot of lye down your septic system may kill off the beneficial bacteria that eats the sludge in your septic system.
Also keep in mind that what ever you are pouring down your drains will eventually find it's way into your source of your water supply if you have a septic system and a private well.


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