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Dave Smith Collection-The Perfect Picker


Dwayne Henson:
A place to check out. This place is selling items from Dave Smith's collection. Yes the author of the Red and Blue Books, Dave Smith. If you are close to this shop I'd check it out. Lynchburg, TN. Their facebook page.

Jim Fuchs:
Some nice things..

Roger Barfield:
I was fortunate to stop by there last week.  Dave has an eye for cast iron.  Things I've never seen before are common there.  Fortunate to pick up some pieces.  If you are in the Lynchburg, TN area stop by and see the Perfect Picker. 

Roger Barfield:
Another piece I picked up.  They have a lot of iron for sale from Dave's collection. The proceeds all benefits Dave Smith.  There would be no WAGS without him.  Do yourself a favor and stop by if you can.


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