Author Topic: Griswold #703 hot plate - were the grates ... enameled or seasoned?  (Read 237 times)

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Per Gregís suggestion ... posting this again

Iím hoping to get started this week on the Griswold #703 hot plate I recently purchased. Iíve been reading the threads I have found on other restorations, but Iím still not sure what to do with the grates and the burners. Iíve seen them painted silver and one thread seems to show them painted in a light gray. Does anybody know how they were produced originally?

The grates donít appear to have any enamel left on them. Unless otherwise advised,  I will default to painting the whole thing in a semi-gloss high temp enamel, but I would look pretty attractive if the grates and burners were a light gray.

Also, are the nameplates (Griswold and 703) made out of solid brass, or are they plated with something?

Hereís what the grates look like now. They are pretty rusty.