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Griswold Skillet Rack p/n 1064

This is a new REPRODUCTION to hit the market within the last month (today is November 22, 2004). It is a reproduction of the Griswold skillet rack. The reproduction does not have the PAT'd APPLIED FOR on the back of the front display piece marked GRISWOLD. Also the 1064 is weakly inscribed. Apparently the maker/seller of these is selling them from Antique Trader newspaper and his ad is present on page 19 of the October 13, 2004 issue. I have not seen the ad, but it is suupposed to be a full page ad and sells wholesale only. Beware of bidding on these skillet racks and be sure to ask the correct questions to see if it is the real Griswold or one of these new Repros, as one of the repros sold for $204 last week!!

More info on this item:

1. Wholesaler is Colonial Tin Works in Greensboro, NC.
2. Wholesale price is $14.90 for a set of two racks.
3. GRISWOLD name plate on front is made of plated BRASS and is non-magnetic while the originals had a cast iron nameplate that is magnetic.
4. Back of GRISWOLD nameplate has a small "Made in India" sticker attached from the wholesaler. Probably very easy to remove the sticker.
5. Notice the spot welds on the original below, whereas the repro has 'globs' of metal at each of the cross bars.
6. Notice short stubby rubber feet on the original, whereas the repro has the higher rubber feet.

If you are wanting to know if a rack is an original or a reproduction, just ask one question: Is the GRISWOLD name plate magnetic or non-magnetic? An honest answer will tell you what it is.

This is a picture of the reproduction item and it looks very good in this view. This is a view of the ad in the Antique Trader for the person that is selling these REPROS to the market.