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John Wright lamb and lion popover mold

John Wright made this mold circa 1984 and who would have thought it would be reproduced, but there are a lot of reproductions. I'll try to get pix of the real one up as soon as one of members gives me some pix. The real ones will have the WRIGHT name on it or the Classic Gourmet button. Here are some measurements for you:

Weight 5.5 pounds 5.0 pounds
Length 10-3/4 inches 10-1/4 inches
Width 6 5/8 inches 6-1/4 inches
Height 2-1/4 inches 2-3/8 inches
Dia. Cups 2-1/4 inches 2-1/16 inches

The real gem pan will have "1984 John Wright Cast In USA" on the underside of the handle. Also on the handle with the 'bump', it will state, "Lion and Lamb Popover Pan"

Pictures of the Real One