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Griswold #262 mini corn stick pan

Want help in identifying those real Griswold #262 Tea Size Corn Stick Pans from the fake/reproduction ones??  Well here's some help.  Look that the pix below.  Notice the rough casting on the Reproduction/REPRO. Also look at the raised part of the handle underneath and how thick it appears in the REPRO (see red circled areas). The handle in the REPRO is also more rounded in appearance. These are tough fakes to identify over the web with poor pictures shown sometimes, but easy to figure out in your hands. Your key in identifying the fake/repros are the raised lip around the handle and the hanging hole (see red circled areas) and the quality of the lettering. Real Griswold #262's have sharp lettering and a very thin/fine handle lip around the hanging hole.   Now you can identify the reproductions for the real collectible Griswold #262.  

Some times this pan is reproduced with the #282 or #252 (SNICK PAN) as well and these are also reproductions/fakes.

Some of these have really bad writing and have two 'hang' holes.