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Re: #14 Iron Mountain
« Reply #20 on: September 06, 2009, 08:54:14 PM »
Harry.....If a bidder places a bid at some figure that at least meets the bid increment, and also puts a MAXIMUM bid for Ebay to bid up to, then the bidder with the HIGHEST MAX bid will win the auction

 Thats what we were discussing on this #14 IM auction.  Evidently, if you look at the bid history, the second place bidder's last MAX bid of $600, hit the high bidders MAX of $600 and they tied, but the first $600 Max bid won it.  If the second place bidder had placed a MAX bid of $600.01, they would have been the high.  Ebay's bid history does not show what the regular increment bid was they placed, they only show the MAX bid they placed.   Bid increments to place a regular bid have nothing to do with the MAX bid placed by a bidder. There are no increments for MAX bids.

I have bid on items in the last 4 seconds of an auction and won them because I put a MAX bid with at least a penny more than the high bidders MAX bid at the time.
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