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Title: WAGS Foundry List!
Post by: Cheryl Watson on February 24, 2014, 04:30:05 PM
          If you like cast iron cookware, history, pictures, foundries, etc., then this free section of the FORUM (that we share with the public) is only a VERY small part of what is available to WAGS members. The price of WAGS membership is small, compared to what is available to those that have access to the WAGS Members' Side of this FORUM.
      We are pleased to provide this updated FOUNDRY LIST which gives you an idea of the volumes of information we have available to our members in the 36 pages, that we have accumulated over the years, for North American Foundries only.  We are constantly adding to this database of history to preserve for present and future generations.

                           WAGS Foundry List for Our Guests (http://www.wag-society.org/guest/list.pdf)  Click to left.

The URL above gives you an idea of the volume of information we have for our members.  This link is only a small part of what you are missing.  The inactive URL's in GREEN are active links for WAGS members that lead to more information, history and pictures!

Consider becoming a WAGS member and see what you are missing!
                                      JOIN NOW (http://www.wag-society.org/membership.php)