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WAGS members ALERT:


Greg Stahl:
I just uploaded the latest version of the Casting Call, Volume 19, Number 1 (members' side of the FORUM). Articles included in this member's newsletter: update of the FORUM to SMF; LODGE items on Ebay; recent amazing high prices of cast iron items at auction; Sportsman Fish Fryers (amazing and in depth article by Greg Smith and Joedy Hicks!!); Memorials of WAGS members; Tea kettle patent by Jeff Friend; smooth bottom Lodge skillet; a Griswold Hair Waver!!; 2021 WAGS convention announced and upcoming auction of a WAGS member's collection.

As usual, this is another great newsletter put out by our Editor Jeff Friend and his staff of dedicated WAGS members.  I always look forward to this quarterly newsletter!!  Great job WAGsters!!


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