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Weather In Texas!!!

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Duke Gilleland:
I have got ice cycles 3" round and 2 foot long hanging off the edge of my roof! That is north of the Mason Dixon Line stuff and ain't normal for here! We have ice locked in plumb to the Gulf Of Mexico. I figure most saw the 150 vehicle pile up south of Ft Worth! Truck Driver driving TOO FAST! Momentum after impact showed that! Forecast say might be as late as Thursday before we get above freezing :-[ Freezing sleet/drizzle now.

Lee Bowen:
Duke, we have only been getting freezing/frozen precip for about an hour and a half, but it's really slick on the porch and steps. Temp is at 27, with a NNE wind  that cuts to the bone.  Our dogs took one look out of the door, gave me a really hurt look and refused to go outside.  Can't blame them.  Good luck and stay warm.

Greg Stahl:
Oh suck it up 😂. We have 16-24 coming this week and zero degrees

Roger Barfield:
Duke I know what you mean.  We are getting a lot of snow right now and it's 9 degrees right now.  Greg, you can have this stuff.   ;D  I took this video earlier.   It's been snowing every since and isn't supposed to stop till 4am.   :o

Sandy Glenn:
Man-up you Texans, will ya??!!??

We're trying to get out of negative temps here.  The radiators in my house have been screamin' hot for two weeks!


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