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W E L C O M E !!!! Guests, regular and WAGS members

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Greg Stahl:

--- Quote from: Scott Sanders on February 18, 2021, 02:46:32 PM ---So, on my Welcome letters to "new members", I should change "Visitor" to "Regular Member" and "Member" to "WAGS Member".

--- End quote ---
Anyone that registers on the forum is a “regular” member. When you write your letter just tell them to register and when they do; you come in and change the member group to WAGS member.

A Guest is a “looker” and they only see some board, can read some but cannot post to any board

Scott Sanders:
1. GUESTS  - Guests can access some Boards and also post for now. We will be re-evaluating this aspect, as I'm afraid of bots/spiders and partly hackers being able to post here. If this becomes an issue, then all GUESTS will need to register to post and also read. You can thank the hackers for these rules and their rudeness.

So, you already decided to just leave "Guests" as lookers only....Good


Debbie Sanders:
I am techy challenged first off so I don't know if this is comment is relevant or not.  I notice when I log in, this is not a secure site.  My computer has fits trying to stop me from entering the unsecure world....while I appreciate my laptop caring about me, it is a pain in the patootie.  :crazy: Does being "Not secure" allow hackers, bots and spammers an easier access to this awesome place?   

Cheryl Watson:

Hopefully this post will explain it... :)

I believe the answer is still valid... :)

Lee Bowen:
May be a glitch, but when I signed on a few minutes ago, I did not have the Members' section come up. Is this just a one-time thing or am I missing something?  I have really come to appreciate all the info on the Darkside. 


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