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Greg Stahl:
A HUGE thank you to our developer, Charles for getting our YaBB forum converted to SMF.  Charles had to rewrite code for the converter to work, as many others have tried to convert YaBB 2.6.11 and have failed, but Charles worked his magic and coding knowledge to move/convert us onto new software.  I must say that there is a lot to learn about this software, but this FORUM now flies as we are not PERL and HTML bound, but are PHP and MySQL based now. 

I will start a BOARD and thread on the FORUM for you to make note of problems with URLs, pictures, links, coding, etc. so that the ADMINS and MODS can address them and then delete those posts as they are fixed.  We know that any links to the old YABB will need to be fixed, if you find any of those (NOTE: there are over 900+ according to our database and we have a list of them), we most likely have them on our list of issues.  If you see coding errors in posts, like [color =] or other [codes] inside [], let us know and we can fix those too.  It will take awhile to get this all fixed, but it is fixed enough, so that we can post and enjoy our hobby there again.

Member groups:
There are three member groups now (besides the STAFF of ADMINS, MODS).
1. GUESTS  - Guests can access some Boards and also post for now. We will be re-evaluating this aspect, as I'm afraid of bots/spiders and partly hackers being able to post here. If this becomes an issue, then all GUESTS will need to register to post and also read. You can thank the hackers for these rules and their rudeness.

2. Regular members. Regulars are those that register for the FORUM. You will have a first and last name displayed so that when we search for WAGS members, we can easily ID them from all of the Regular members.  Regulars have access to more of the FORUM.

3. WAGS members. WAGS is a non-profit society of cast iron and aluminum cookware enthusiasts.  It is our hobby, and our FORUM which we pay A LOT of money to maintain, as we are on our own dedicated server. WAGS members have access to WAAAAAAAY more content than the other groups. It is a very small price to pay each year to have unlimited access to the content, which grows each and every day.

Jim Fuchs:
A big THANK YOU to Charles, for your expertise, and to Greg S., and all of those who help keep our FORUM running, so that we may continue to enjoy the access to our data files, and keep in touch with one another. I other site even come close to what we here at WAGS offer.

Roger Barfield:
Thank you Charles and Greg for making this happen.  It went very smoothly and that is due to you both.    Awesome job!

Greg Stahl:
Charles is da man!! He was and is awesome!!

Scott Sanders:
Thank you all for the work you put into this.  So, on my Welcome letters to "new members", I should change "Visitor" to "Regular Member" and "Member" to "WAGS Member".  Just my 2cents....I would vote to do away with "Guests", as described, and leave it the way it is.....just read and NO posts.  Why wait for the headaches!!



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