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Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays


Duke Gilleland:
Which you prefer, Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays to all you folks and friends out there. May you have health and good will. [smiley=xmas.gif]

Lee Bowen:
Merry Christmas, for HE is the reason for the season. Hope all is well and everyone is healthy. 
May you eat too much and after a nice nap, wake up and eat too much again.
Happy Birthday, Jesus.

Duke Gilleland:
Lee with no company here today, this was the lightest Christmas meal day in our history.(45 years) Only thing cooked was a pot of fresh red potatoes and green beans. Thawing out tamales now for supper. Merry Christmas again.

Lee Bowen:
We also had a light Christmas meal supper. Our daughter and her husband came up from Conroe to visit us.  And pig out.  We dug a small Butterball out of the freezer and put it in the oven, did some green beans in a Wagner skillet, fresh homemade cranberry sauce, yeast rolls, obligatory dressing with giblet gravy, baked butternut squash, and a buttered pecan pie.  Just enough leftovers for three or four turkey sandwiches and some snacking.
No stress, no drama, and the kitchen was cleaned up and ready for today before the Wheel came on.  Life is good.
Again, Merry Christmas, all.

Dean Reedy:
I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!

Me and family have been travelling and had a Fairfield Inn Breakfast, Panda Express for lunch(Only thing open in Bozeman MT) and microwaved food for dinner Christmas, but worth it, were on way for snowmobiling week.

I did pickup a BSR #12 Dutch oven while travelling, wife thought it strange that the place we stopped for gas is where I had lined up to meet the person for FB purchase, 900 miles from home.  I haven't told her yet that I have another FB buy lined up for on the way to Salt Lake City, a BSR #10 Camp Oven.



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