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Lee Bowen:
 [smiley=flag.jpg] [smiley=sm_usflag.gif] HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA !!!
I know I am a little bit early, but I wish every WAGS member a very joyous and FREE Independence day. The price of our freedom is eternal vigilance and the willingness to protect that freedom with our  lives.  OORAH!!! [smiley=flag.jpg] [smiley=sm_usflag.gif] [smiley=flag.jpg]

Valerie Johnson:
Happy Independence Day Lee and to all of my fellow Americans, May everyone be safe and well and enjoy the freedoms our founding fathers fought to establish for us.

Duke Gilleland:
Happy 4th to all who pass here![smiley=thumbsup.gif]  [smiley=sm_usflag.gif]

Dwayne Henson:
Happy Independence Day


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